I’m getting intentional about 2019, y’all. As the years fly by, I want to be more purposeful with my time, so I’m committing to 12 monthly personal experiments throughout the year. I want to challenge my habits, stretch myself, and hopefully learn something about myself along the way.

Sarah Natsumi Moore pioneered the concept of 12 Experiments a couple years ago, which I highly recommend you check out. This time, she generously invited her social media sphere to join her in a year of experiments for 2019. So, I am jumping on the bandwagon!

I will report weekly-ish, so I can stay accountable and reflective. Stay posted on what happens here, as I try different things on for size. Here’s my current list of ideas, which will grow over time:

  1. A Month of No Alcohol: Dry January

  2. A Month of Joy & Intention: Using a daily mantra to focus my life on joy and intention

  3. A Month of Mindful Eating: Eating mindfully everyday

  4. A Month of Frugality: Spending only on the absolute basics

  5. A Month of Gratitude: Keeping a daily gratitude journal

  6. A Month of IRL (In Real Life): Abstaining from social media

  7. A Month of Meditation: Meditating everyday …but like for real, everyday

  8. A Month of Writing: Writing everyday

  9. A Month of Video: Taking a 5-10 second video everyday

  10. A Month of Eating In: Abstaining from eating out at restaurants allllll month (yikes!)

- Sarah Smith